BAZIC 8.5" X 11" 2x Full-Page Magnifier #PB2708-24 $3.69 per unit, $88.56 per carton of 24


Item# PB2708-24

BAZIC 8.5" X 11" 2x Full-Page Magnifier

$3.69 Per Unit Price, $88.56 Per Carton Of 24

• This full page magnifier is terrific for reading books and magazines.
• Ideal for up-close viewing of fine print.
• The rigid acrylic has more clarity and less distortion than the flexible magnifying sheet.
• It is made from an optical grade acrylic that is 1/16" thick
• Lens is shatterproof and scratch resistant.
• Optical grade lens provide years of reliability.
• This item should be held above the area you wish to magnify. Adjust distance to obtain focus. It would not work if it is laid directly on top of the print.